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Cfagent not updating

Again, if one is does not already exist for a table, you can create one as a surrogate key in order to replicate the table.Alterations to the tables can cause difficulties, and it is important to understand why, and what methods exist to circumvent this problem.

Distributing Keys cfengine works on a two-way trust: Keys must be exchanged from the client to the server, and the server to the client.

In order to do this, you must go to System Advanced, and from there uncheck « Disable NAT Reflection ». This will only work with single port forwards or ranges of less than 500 ports.

If you’re using 1:1 NAT, you can’t use NAT Reflection.

NAT Reflection employs some simple bouncing daemons to redirect the connections, which works but isn’t always desirable, or even functional for some scenarios.

Usually, split DNS is the better way if it is possible on your network. In order to access ports forwarded on your WAN interface from internal networks, you need to enable NAT reflection.

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If you have a CIDR network block allocated to you which is all behind your pf Sense firewall, you might be better off using public addresses on your internal network, or using a mix of public and private addresses.

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