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NET Web API or ready made Owin middleware responsible for doing this, so in order to start issuing JWTs we need to implement this manually by implementing the interface “ISecure Data Format” and implement the method “Protect”. But for consuming the JWT in a Resource server there is ready middleware named “Microsoft. So most of the heavy lifting we’ll do now will be in implementing the Authorization Server. Now we need to implement the code responsible for issuing JSON Web Token when the requester issue HTTP POST request to the URI: the request will look as the image below, notice how we are setting the client id for for the Registered resource (audience) from the previous step using key (client_id).

Jwt” which understands validates, and and de-serialize JWT tokens with minimal number of line of codes. Sharing the key will take place using a secure admin portal, as well you might need to provide the audience with the ability to regenerate the key in case it get compromised. System Web -Version 3.0.0 Install-Package Microsoft. Keep in mind that the JSON Web Token we’ve created in this tutorial is signed only, so do not put any sensitive information in it 🙂 That’s it for now folks, hopefully this short walk through helped in understanding how we can configure the Authorization Server to issue JWT and how we can consume them in a Resource Server.

Now if you take look on method “Add Audience” you will notice that we’ve implemented the following: Lastly we need to add an end point in our Authorization server which allow registering new Resource servers (Audiences), so add new folder named “Controllers” then add new class named “Audience Controller” and paste the code below: This end point can be accessed by issuing HTTP POST request to the URI as the image below, notice that the Authorization server is responsible for generating the client id and the shared symmetric key. Note: Always store keys in config files not directly in source code.

Now add new folder named “Entities” then add new class named “Audience” inside this class paste the code below: Basically this class acts like a repository for the Resource servers (Audiences), basically it is responsible for two things, adding new audience and finding exiting one. By providing those values to Jwt Bearer Authentication middleware, this Resource server will be able to consume only JWT tokens issued by the trusted Authorization server and issued for this audience only.

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The minimal needed information to register a Recourse server into an Authorization server are a unique Client Id, and shared symmetric key. Right click on your project then add a new class named “Startup”.

Jwt” is responsible for validating, parsing and generating JWT tokens. Right click on your project then add a new class named “Startup”.

Core” which contains class named “Hmac Signing Credentials” which will be used to facilitate creating signing keys.

Notice that the authentication is set to “No Authentication”.

Open package manger console and install the below Nuget packages: Install-Package Microsoft.

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