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After sitting in their apartment for about an hour talking with me purposefully sitting at the end of the bed so I could get a good view of their legs, the wind started blasting against the patio doors and the chairs on the balcony were scraping and even I have to admit some of the sounds were quite scary. There apartment had two double beds pushed together, in the bed room, a large bath room and a huge kitchen diner, it was much bigger than my hotel room and I was surprised these two needed all this.

After being asked to leave the room while they changed I looked around in the bathroom, I wanted mouthwash, I had no toothbrush, I was looking through the girls toiletry bags when I saw a purple vibrator, it was small and discrete but the thought of it having been in one of their young pussies just gave me the urge to lick it.

Watching the shaft disappear into that whole from this high as I stood straight was amazing and the odour from her was just bliss. She wanted me to come but wanted to clean up and so led me towards the bath room, I was told to wank until I was ready to come at which point she wanted take the full load across her face, I obliged and it took no time at all for me to explode with as much force as she had over her.

As I got more frantic the more she moaned for a young girl of 16 she seemed like a very dirty girl;“Fuck me! As she swirled her tongue around her mouth she gave me a grin and said “we better get back to bed before we get caught” after cleaning up I jumped back in bed, with a still sleeping Steph and as Chloe got back in bed, she said “looks like you’ve had the pair of us tonight, that wasn’t my vibrator. I wanted to stay with Chloe in that bed all day when I woke up, but I was abruptly told to jump over the balcony when her dad called at the door.

I did so with no shame, although I had to stop as they called me back in.

I was hoping for them both to be in sexy lingerie on the bed, although good things don’t happen to me, or so I thought.

It slided in no problems, and she let out a gasp as the full length went in with one stroke. I put it in my mouth straight away, shocking Chloe and I slid it into her arsehole gently, easing it in as it vibrated, again pumping my cock in as I reached round to her arse, slowly she was getting louder, “Yes! ” as she shuddered, exploding over my cock, liquid squirting out over me as I pulled out in shock at how much there was, I’d just caused a female ejaculation, the holy grail of fucking I quickly got on my knees and lapped it up, licking her all over.When we got back to the hotel they invited me to their room, I asked about their parents but I was just given a silly look, “Parents?We have our own room”, “Oright for some” I muttered under my breath, in a more sarcastic tone, luckily they didn’t here.Chloe, the one I found the more attractive of the two claimed to have made a list of where she wanted to have sex.After enquiring this list had been made with Steph and the first few were; 1) Jacuzzi 2) Pool and 3) Kitchen Table.

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