Horcon al sur de ninguna parte online dating

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Horcon al sur de ninguna parte online dating

Thus the memory of Ascanio Arosemena, Maritza Avila Alabrca, Luis Bonilla, José del Cid Cobos, Teófilo Belisario de la Torre, Gonzalo A. Garibaldo, Jose Enrique Gil, Ezequiel Meneses Gonzalez, Victor M.

Iglesias, Rosa Elena Landecho, Carlos Renato Lara, Evilio Lara, Gustavo Lara, Ricardo Murgas Villamonte, Alberto Nichols Constance, Estanislao Orobio W., Jacinto Palacios Cobos, Ovidio L.

Yes, it was panned, ignored or distorted by the major political parties and by the major news media — all of which have their ties to individuals, companies, banks, law firms, brokerages or relatives who are implicated in the massive Odebrecht and Blue Apple scandals, by which almost every public works contract with every business foreign or domestic was overpriced, with politicians, parties or politically connected individuals getting some of the excess kicked back to them.

It was that way under the Martín Torrijos and Ricardo Martinelli administrations and it’s like that with the Juan Carlos Varela administration.

Bernal, the Colegio de Abogados and many others jumped on the bandwagon.

The cry is for “civil death,” a ban on persons and companies involved in corruption having anything more to do with public business. From the bridge at about 11, about when the policewoman started to tell people not to go up and add to the crowd looking from on high.

They were outnumbered by hangers-on who wouldn’t want to look unpatriotic but also would not be so disrespectful as to demand an end to the corruption that holds Panama in its grip. Not that there was any nastiness with the cops — they really were interested in safety.

Yes, another anti-corruption demonstration with Miguel Antonio Bernal and his friends. This was called by the irreverent La Cascara TV show producer / director and satirist Ubaldo Davis, Senior and some of his friends.

So what do you do with one of the big snappers like that?

They didn’t vacillate, they did not hesitate, nor were they intimidated, nor did they hide, much less did they split, in their show of indignation at their country torn, trampled, tainted and outraged by foreign boots.

Today there are those who are interested in us forgetting the early hours of the evening of January 9, 1964, which forever marked – as a nation without distinction – the Panamanians. The blood, the sweat and the tears that were shed then have not been and cannot be forgotten.

Off on another side of town, there was the vanguard of the broad masses of workers, campesinos and revolutionary intellectuals — except for those infected by revisionism, deviationism, bourgeois eclecticism, religious obscurantism or other ideological maladies.

They had exclusive dibs on the Day of the Martyrs tradition and marched off in their reduced numbers to claim it.

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