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Post- add and change the following facts: She married King Urien, and she had a son by him named Yvain.

She later tried to murder Urien but was stopped by her son. After she learned Merlin’s magic, however, she scorned him and threatened him with death if he ever came near her again.

(as cited by Paton, 43-44) Given the striking similarities between Geoffrey's account of Avalon and of Morgan and Mela's accounts of Sena and of its inhabitants, it is possible that Geoffrey drew from Mela's descriptions, in addition perhaps to Celtic and classical mythology, in crafting his descriptions of Morgan and Avalon.

There is, however, little proof that a version of Pomponius Mela's work would have been available to him, and so this theory — while certainly of interest — should be approached with some caution.

The Gauls call them Senae, and they believe them to be endowed with extraordinary gifts, to rouse the seas and the wind by their incantations, to turn themselves into whatsoever animal form they may choose, to cure diseases which, among others, are incurable, to know what it is to come and to foretell it.

They are, however, devoted to the service of those voyagers only who have set out on no other errand than to consult them.

In sum, it is possible that Morgan le Fay originated out of some type of Celtic goddess figure, and that such a tradition can be found, at least in glimmers, even into the fourteenth century ); however, the specific goddess (or goddesses) from which the character is descended will likely never be known absolute certainty.

Geoffrey of Monmouth The earliest known reference to "Morgan le Fay" can be found in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s (in contrast to other versions) on the barge with the dying Arthur.

O protagonista adota no filme o nome de Lee Calloway.Despite these attempts to undermine Arthur’s court, she is, quite inexplicably, the one who takes Arthur away for healing (Bruce 368).Morgan is cast in an almost identical light in the prose , where she consistently attempts to undermine and destroy Guinevere.Celtic Origins Morgan le Fay likely originated in Celtic mythology (Welsh in particular).Because the Morgan of medieval romance and legend is often presented as the wife of King Urien and the mother of Yvain, some have linked her to the the Welsh goddess Modron, who is described in the Welsh Triads as the daughter of Avallack, wife of Urian of Reghed, and mother of Owain.

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In one instance, Morgan sends chastity-revealing drinking horn to Arthur’s court in an attempt to expose the queen’s infidelity.